Know Your Rights

The following resources clarify distance learning standards and parent/student rights during the pandemic

Learning Continuity Plan Resources

The Learning Continuity Plan is a tool for districts to explain to students, families, and stakeholders how they will provide quality learning opportunities (whether in-person or at a distance) and support the needs of students and staff during the 2020-21 school year. School boards must adopt the Learning Continuity Plan by September 30th with community input similar to the requirements of the LCAP. There will be no LCAP adopted for 2020-21, so the Learning Continuity Plan is an important advocacy tool to make sure that federal and state funding is spent equitably and effectively to keep all kids learning, address the impact of COVID-19, and ensure that students facing unique needs (like English learners, students in foster care, students experiencing homelessness, and students with exceptional needs) are fully supported.

Restorative Reopening of Schools

The following tools are designed to support your advocacy around a restorative return to school!

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