Resources for LCAP Advocacy for an Equitable Return to School

Last week, Governor Newsom announced a permanent increase to LCFF funding as well as multi-billion, multi-year investments in community schools, educator supports and student mental health and wellness. This historic investment, combined with the influx of COVID relief funding, has created a unique opportunity for school districts and local communities to reshape our education system–and that change starts with the LCAP. As we prepare for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year and a return to in-person learning, we also return to the LCAP, one of the most important tools that school districts and communities have to ensure equitable resources to high-need students.

New to LCFF and the LCAP? Watch our new video [Spanish version] to learn how California’s schools are funded, how to read the LCAP, and opportunities for parents, students, and community members to get involved in decision-making. You can also check out the video slideshow (Spanish version) and our 68-second LCFF explainer video in English and Spanish.

As districts begin to post full drafts of their LCAPs and hold public hearings, this is a crucial time for parents, students, and community members to make their voices heard. To learn more about the LCAP timeline and what to do in each phase of development, see our LCFF Advocacy timeline (Spanish version). 

As part of their LCAPs, school districts are required to produce a short summary of their budget called the LCFF Budget Overview for Parents. Learn more about the important information provided in the Budget Overview for Parents in our new infographic (Spanish version).

Ready to dig into a draft LCAP? Our new resource “How to Read the LCAP to Track Equity” (Spanish version) breaks down the five sections of an LCAP and what to look for when you are trying to track equity efforts. 

Not satisfied with what you see in your district’s LCAP? Get tips for taking action from our Right to Resources Toolkit. Together, we can make sure that every education dollar is spent on creating the racially just and relationship-centered community schools our students need in the wake of this pandemic.  

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