Photo: Parents, students, community members, and advocates at a press conference in Long Beach Unified School District calling for more support for high-need students.

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In 2013, low-income communities of color and immigrant communities won the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), a funding law that increases resources for high need students and gives more power to the community. The promise of LCFF has yet to be fully realized, but together, we can make it live up to its potential.

That’s why we launched the #WeMakeLCFFWork community education campaign in February 2020 to make sure families know their rights, are fully engaged in the LCAP process and that their voices are heard by school districts.

Right now, districts and charter schools across the state are creating their new education spending plans (called Local Control Accountability Plans or LCAPs) that must include community input. This is a moment when we can make LCFF work as it was intended: to reverse decades of educational inequity and create the schools that our students deserve.

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Winning LCFF: What it is and why it matters in 2020. Click here to see all the resources.

  • History of LCFF as a people-powered win
  • LCFF values and tools: equity, community accountability, holistic measures
  • LCFF and Schools and Communities First are interdependent
  • #WeMakeLCFFWork Launch Twitter Party: Q&A on successes and challenges, hosted by Families In Schools (February 5, 12:00-1:00pm)
  • Launch of LCFF Resource Hotline (323-352-9096)

Winning decision-making power through LCFF. Click here to see all the resources.

  • Winning student voice through LCFF
  • Winning parent voice through LCFF
  • Winning meaningful community engagement through LCFF
  • Online Equity in Action Shared Learning Circle: Student Voice Case Study with Californians for Justice (February 12, 3:30-5:00pm)

Winning student supports for historically disenfranchised students through LCFF. Click to see all the resources.

  • Wins for English Learners and Foster Youth 
  • Social-emotional support wins
  • Closing the achievement gap 
  • Disrupting the school to prison pipeline

Winning in 2020 with LCFF. Click to see all the resources.

  • How to engage with the LCAP (virtual LCAP training)
  • How to develop an LCAP campaign (toolkit release)
  • Increasing and improving services for high need students (guidance document release)
  • #WeMakeLCFFWork Closing Twitter Party, hosted by Families In Schools (February 26, 12:00-1:00pm)
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