Are Your Classes Taught by the Right Teachers?

Understanding Teacher Assignment Monitoring Outcomes (TAMO) Data

In 2022, California released data about teacher preparation and assignments for the first time. The Teacher Assignment Monitoring Outcomes (TAMO) data empowers students, families, and communities to understand whether teachers are placed in the right classrooms and are fully prepared to teach the classes they are assigned to. 

  • Whether classes at your school are taught by fully prepared teachers? 
  • Whether your school has more teachers placed in the wrong classes than other schools in your district?
  • Whether your district has shortages of fully prepared teachers in specific subject areas? 


The tools below can help you and your community use the TAMO data to answer these questions.

Training: Introduction to TAMO Data


Slide deck
Recordings: English, Español

Why Teacher Diversity Matters & How to Get There


Proposals on how to recruit and retain educators of diverse backgrounds

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