Angela EstradaStudent Engagement Associate

Angela Estrada joined the Higher Education team at Public Advocates in July of 2023 as the Student Engagement Associate. She aims to amplify student voices and support the advocacy efforts of college students across California. 

Angela is also an ambassador at Stockton Scholars– a non-profit based in Stockton that promotes a college going culture and transforms the narratives of students. She implemented their first-ever alumni association and regularly hosts workshops for high school and college students to support them in transitioning to college. During these workshops, she expands knowledge about on-campus resources and increases student confidence. Angela is passionate about higher education equity and policy because she knows that students from communities like hers are not granted the same opportunities as other students. All students deserve access to education and opportunity. 

Angela’s love for her hometown, Stockton, led her to pioneer a grassroots organization with other Stockton youth leaders known as No Cap Convos. No Cap Convos began during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to encourage city members to engage with city politics. Online events with city officials including the Stockton mayor and school board were held. Information that was inaccessible became available through these webinars. 

During her free time, Angela enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and being outdoors.



Angela is originally from Stockton and graduated from UCLA with a bachelor of science in Anthropology and a minor in Community Engagement and Social Change. During her time at UCLA, Angela led efforts to increase basic needs resources for low-income students and students of color. She was the co-lead of the CalFresh Initiative at UCLA where she pushed for the implementation of CalFresh across all campus stores and dining halls. 

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