Allyson OsorioPolicy Advocate

    Allyson Osorio is a passionate champion for civil rights, focusing on advancing the rights and opportunities of California’s youth. Her expertise in education policy, external relations, research, and government relations allows her to impact addressing educational inequities. She actively participates in coalitions and partnerships promoting equity and access to education in her home state of California and nationwide.

    Osorio is recognized for her expertise and deep understanding of California’s unique educational landscape. With extensive experience in the Californian education system, Allyson specializes in developing strategies and programs tailored to the needs of historically and systemically marginalized students in the diverse state. Her work often involves collaborating with school districts, educational nonprofits, and government agencies to create and implement effective language acquisition and integration policies.

    Allyson’s approach is shaped by her comprehensive understanding of students’ challenges, the regulatory framework, the cultural context of California’s educational environment, and the federal landscape. Her ability to navigate the state’s complex educational policy framework and insights into cultural inclusivity have positioned her as a highly sought-after advisor.

    Her dedication to fostering equitable educational opportunities for all students, particularly those overcoming language barriers, has improved program design and policy development. Her contributions continue to shape how multilingual learners are supported and educated in California, making her a pivotal figure for them.

    Previously, Allyson served as the External Relations Manager at The Education Trust-West. In this role, she spearheaded the development and leadership of unique projects and coalitions to promote high academic achievement from preschool to college for low-income communities of color. Her initiatives included leading strategic projects and campaigns with policy and research leaders, community partners, LEAs, equity-driven community colleges, grassroots partners, and key equity leaders in the state. 

    Her extensive policy and government relations expertise also encompasses her time as a Policy Analyst & Strategist at UnidosUS, where she played a pivotal role in advancing the organization’s public policy agenda and civic engagement projects in California and nationwide. Additionally, she worked closely with student advocates at The University of California Student Association (UCSA), further deepening her understanding of the educational landscape and student needs.

    Most recently, she founded STRIDE Strategy Partners, a group of BIPOC leaders nationwide dedicated to transformative systems change through policy, research, advocacy, and communications.

    Allyson’s work is guided by a philosophy that values diversity, inclusivity, and the empowerment of voices often left unheard. This philosophy not only defines her professional ethos but also enriches her contributions to the field of education. Her work is a beacon for transformative change in educational practices and policies nationwide.

    Allyson is a proud alumna of The University of California, San Diego, and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, specializing in Education Policy and Management. During her time at Harvard University, Osorio led research on English learners, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and the emerging field of Education Ethics. UCSD has recognized her commitment to public service and educational advancement by establishing a scholarship in her name for first-generation students pursuing careers in public service.

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