Fight for Renter Protections Continues after Expiration of Eviction Moratorium

As of September 30, when California’s eviction moratorium expired, an estimated 724,000 households were behind on rent, 85% of whom were low income. Yet, as we point out in our blog, the state has paid only 60,000 of 287,000 completed claims, with 100,000 more applications still waiting to be reviewed. It is likely that hundreds of thousands of additional renters are eligible but are unaware of the program or have not been able to submit applications due to technology barriers or documentation requirements. While 81% of households currently behind on rent are people of color, only 49% of those who identified themselves as people of color have applied for relief. Given the state’s critical shortage of affordable housing and the continuing and likely long-term impacts of the pandemic, more than two million Californians remain at risk of losing their homes.

With the recall attempt behind him, we are calling on the Governor to extend the eviction moratorium and ensure that AB 832, which promises to cover 100% of rent for low- income households impacted by the pandemic, works as promised.

The Metropolitan Equity team has worked with our legal services partners to create an infographic (in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other languages) on the protections still available to renters, including rental and utility assistance, and defenses tenants can utilize in court eviction proceedings.



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