April 29, 2024Radio Bilingüe’s Línea Abierta host Chelis Lopez interviewed Housing Now! Executive Director Francisco Duenas and Public Advocates’ Leg Counsel Andrés Ramos on the Housing Now Lobby Day, what is at stake and why the LLC Transparency Act is critical today.

As a steering committee member of Housing Now!, PA joined over 600 renters from across the state at the capitol to support renter stories and urge our state leadership to prioritize affordable housing and increase funding for affordable housing.

Amongst the Housing Bill package was SB 1201, the Limited Liability Corporation Owner Transparency authored by Senator Maria Elena Durazo and co- sponsored with our partners Rise-economy, which will impact EVERY Californian by allowing each of us to know who owns property and businesses in our neighborhoods and communities.

Listen and learn more about the day and a good governance bill that will increase transparency and justice for all Californians.

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