Doug Smith of the Los Angeles Times reports on the filing of a federal housing discrimination lawsuit by tenants in Los Angeles’ Koreatown against real estate investment firm Optimus LCC. The complaint was filed by Public Advocates and lead counsel Public Counsel,

From the article:

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday, the changes began with a notice from the new owner that it would no longer accept Section 8. Rivera was given 90 days to move. Rivera is one of 15 tenants in five Koreatown buildings named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, filed electronically Thursday night by the pro bono law firm Public Counsel and the nonprofit law firm Public Advocates Inc. It alleges that the Century City investment company Optimus Properties LLC used abusive and discriminatory tactics to displace mentally ill and Latino tenants from the rent-controlled buildings so they could renovate their units and rent them for more money.

Read the article here.

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