Source: East Bay Express
By: Jean Tepperman
Date: April 2, 2015
Related Staff: David Zisser

The Oakland City Council added new protections for existing businesses and a “preliminary” list of community benefits, then unanimously approved a massive East Oakland development plan on Tuesday night. The Coliseum Area Specific Plan aims to create a vibrant district of sports facilities, hotels, retail, housing, a transportation hub, and a technology business center in an area stretching from the Coliseum to the airport.

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This planning area has a “key asset that differentiates it from others,” said David Zisser of Public Advocates. Much of the land near the Coliseum is publicly owned, and the coalition wants the city to “prioritize public land for affordable housing and other public benefits.” City officials often respond to demands for affordable housing by pointing to the statewide shortage of affordable-housing funds. Coalition members say publicly owned land could be used to lower the cost of affordable-housing development.

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