The Resource Guide for Multilingual Learners was published in January 2023 by Public Advocates. The guide is divided into 12 sections:

Section 1: English Learners’ Right to Equal and Meaningful Participation in School and District Programs

Section 2: Guidance to Support Students Eligible for Both Language-Assistance and Special-Education Services (Otherwise Known As “Dual-Identified Students”)

Section 3: How to Keep Multilingual Learners Safe in School and Free From Discrimination: Bullying and Harassment Prevention

Section 4: All Parents’ Right to Equal Participation in Students’ Education

Section 5: Reclassification Guidelines for English Learners, The English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (Elpac), and The
Alternate ELPAC

Section 6: English Learner Roadmap

Section 7: The State Seal of Biliteracy

Section 8: Family and Community Engagement in Developing District and School Budgets

Section 9: All Students’ Right to Educational Resources: The Williams Lawsuit and Settlement

Section 10: Training and Authorization for Educators of English Learners

Section 11: Williams Complaint Process

Section 12: What Do I Do If I Have Questions About an Educator’s Preparation to Teach English Learner Students?

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