Metropolitan Equity

Working hand in hand with low-income communities of color.

In order to ensure meaningful access to opportunity, we advocate for affordable homes in all communities, public transportation that serves the needs of low-income people, and socially just and environmentally sustainable development at the local, regional and state levels.

Working hand in hand with low-income communities of color, we fight to reverse generations of housing segregation and unfair allocation of public and private resources.

Housing Justice

Advancing the rights of all people to live in communities with good jobs, schools and city services regardless of race, ethnicity or income; ensuring low-income communities have a voice in and a fair share of the benefits of new development; protecting low income communities and tenants from displacement; and fighting for the public policies and funding necessary to build more affordable homes.

Transportation Justice

Securing transportation investments that meet the needs of low-income communities of color and comply with civil rights laws, including increased funding to operate more public transportation service for low-income riders and provide free or reduced transit fares for youth.

Climate Justice

Ensuring that California’s efforts to combat climate change include the voices and address the needs of the state’s most vulnerable residents; advancing social equity and environmental justice goals in metropolitan regions throughout the state; and combating poverty and pollution by securing state funding for affordable housing, public transportation and other investments that address priority unmet needs in low-income communities.

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