New national report on social housing available!
"Building Our Future: Grassroots Reflections on Social Housing" examines a growing movement to create permanently affordable housing that is publicly, collectively or non-profit owned and under community control.
Governor Newsom releases the 2024-2025 state budget proposal revision
Click here to read through PA's analysis on what it gets right and what can be improved in terms of education, housing, and transit equity.
Public Advocates urges CA college leaders to protect the rights of students and engage in dialogue
"Student protests are a part of our country’s rich democratic history and have been integral to advancing social justice—on and off of college campuses. We call on university leaders to protect students’ First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly. Regardless of opinion, college administrators owe students an opportunity for expression and dialogue."
CalMatters: Shady business owners can hide behind LLCs. California should make their identities public
Op-ed by Senior Staff Attorney, Suzanne Dershowitz
Public Advocates demands state to end the state’s highly discriminatory system for funding school facilities.
The status quo is an unequal system in which students in low-wealth districts receive an education inferior to that of their peers in higher-wealth districts.
Public Advocates Files Complaint to Address Educator Staffing Concerns in West Contra Costa School District
Attorneys at Public Advocates have uncovered numerous teacher vacancies, and the illegal practice of using rolling substitute teachers instead of filling these vacancies with permanent educators.
A new report exposes how for-profit developers are exploiting a loophole in state law to impose exorbitant rent increases on low-income residents


From waging battles for affordable housing throughout the Bay Area to winning increased opportunities for a quality education in the courts, Public Advocates stays in the news. Here’s the latest…

News From the States: Find out which lobbying groups get their way most often in the California Legislature

June 12 2024–Government, Politics and Economy reporter Ryan Sabalow writes about key findings from a data analysis conducted by news organization CalMatters for their Digital Democracy project  that highlights the advocacy leadership of Public Advocates. The project uplifted organizations that have been most successful in passing their agendas during legislative sessions since January 2023. [...]

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Oaklandside: Bus drivers worry changes to AC Transit schedules won’t leave time for bathroom breaks

June 12, 2024–Public Advocates’ Senior Policy Advocate for Transportation Laurel Paget-Seekins spoke with Oaklandside Reporter Jose Fermoso at the AC Transit Board Meeting on June 5, where operators and supporters gathered to advocate for change in AC Transit’s new Realign Project—specifically break time for operators. While bathroom breaks and a respite to grab food or stretch […]

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Sierra Magazine: A Billionaire-Backed City Promises to Be a Green Urban Paradise. But it may not be what it appears

June 4, 2024–Public Advocates’ Managing Attorney Sam Tepperman-Gelfant spoke with Sierra Magazine’s Claire Greenburger about a mysterious Silicon Valley billionaire/LLC-backed effort to buy swaths of Solano County farmland to build a new city. The effort would come at a major cost to Solano County’s natural environment, disrupt the area’s farming system, and has included little [...]

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