Governor Newsom releases 2024-2025 state budget proposal
What does it mean for students and their families?
AP News: California governor signs law to bolster eviction protections for renters
Marking a decade of the boldest experiment any state has taken to equitably fund schools: Have we realized the promise of LCFF? What more do we need to accomplish? (Report)


From waging battles for affordable housing throughout the Bay Area to winning increased opportunities for a quality education in the courts, Public Advocates stays in the news. Here’s the latest…

IE Community News: San Gorgonio Alumnus Angel Orozco Champions Crusade for Enhanced Funding to Mitigate Harsh SBCUSD Learning Environments

February 29, 2024—IE’s Community News’ Manny Sandoval spoke with Public Advocates’ School Bond Financing Complainant and student, Angel Orozco, about his  participation to address disparities in School funding for facilities specifically in the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD). Public Advocates, pro bono counsel Goodwin Procter LLP, and impacted students, [...]

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Wild Rivers Outpost: Del Norte Parents Join Effort To Change California’s School Facilities Funding Distribution; Nonprofit Law Firm Says It Will Challenge Statewide Bond Measure If Demands Aren’t Met

February 23, 2024—Wild Rivers Outpost’s Jessica Cejnar Andrews speaks with Public Advocates’ Deputy Managing Attorney, Education Equity, Nicole Gon Ochi, and demand letter complainant Briannon (“Brie”) Fraley, on the state’s inequitable model for funding school facility modernization. The current system provides all districts with a 60% state match of local funds [...]

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Ed Source: Property-poor districts demand fairer funding for school facilities

February 22, 2024—Ed Source’s John Fensterwald covered Public Advocates’ virtual press conference where PA Managing Attorney John Affeldt, Deputy Managing Attorney Nicole Gon Ochi, pro bono partner Goodwin Procter LLP, and impacted students, families, residents, and grassroots community organizations demanded the governor, and various state officials and agencies, end grossly unequal [...]

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