AP News: California governor signs law to bolster eviction protections for renters
Public Advocates Files Complaint to Address Educator Staffing Concerns in West Contra Costa School District
Attorneys at Public Advocates have uncovered numerous teacher vacancies, and the illegal practice of using rolling substitute teachers instead of filling these vacancies with permanent educators.
CalMatters: Shady business owners can hide behind LLCs. California should make their identities public
Op-ed by Senior Staff Attorney, Suzanne Dershowitz
Public Advocates demands state to end the state’s highly discriminatory system for funding school facilities.
The status quo is an unequal system in which students in low-wealth districts receive an education inferior to that of their peers in higher-wealth districts.
A new report exposes how for-profit developers are exploiting a loophole in state law to impose exorbitant rent increases on low-income residents


From waging battles for affordable housing throughout the Bay Area to winning increased opportunities for a quality education in the courts, Public Advocates stays in the news. Here’s the latest…

Who owns businesses in California? A lawmaker wants the public to know

April 17, 2024—Public Advocates Senior Staff Attorney Suzie Dershowitz spoke with AP Reporter TRÂN NGUYỄN about SB 1201, the Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) Owner Transparency Act, and her personal experience trying to unravel a web of LLCs to hold the owners of a dilapidated building accountable. “The practice of operating business anonymously is prevalent in […]

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These Californians Just Got Protection From Big Rent Hikes

April 6, 2024 – Public Advocates’ Director of Legislative Affairs, Michelle Pariset, spoke with CalMatters reporter Jeanne Kuang, on new legislation that would put in protections for LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit) buildings and correcting details on LIHTC and legislation from a former story. Currently, low-income renters who live in these affordable are not subject […]

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Educations Writers Association Radio: Dispelling Myths About School Funding Systems

March 20, 2024 – Public Advocates Managing Attorney for the Education Equity team, John Affeldt joined education experts Amber Arellano from The Education Trust-Midwest, Ericka Weathers, from the University of Pennsylvania and host Emily Richmond at SXSW in Austin, Texas for a special live episode of Educations Writers Association Radio to discuss concentrated poverty in […]

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