November 17, 2020 – Theresa Clift of the Sacramento Bee reports on protests over the eviction of renters in midtown Sacramento in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Public Advocates’ Michelle Pariset is quoted in the article:

The state’s rent control law requires landlords to provide the amount of one month’s rent to tenants who are being evicted in this situation, to be used as rental assistance to help them move, said Michelle Pariset of Public Advocates law firm…The city should strengthen its rent control ordinance to require landlords to pay a higher amount of rental assistance in these situations, Pariset said. That’s one thing that a rent control ballot measure called Measure C would have done, but it was rejected by voters this month. “There are holes in this ordinance that we need to fix and this is one of them,” Pariset said. “All those folks are going to get evicted right before the holidays in a pandemic.”

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