March 31, 2017 – Sam Felsing of The Oakland Conduit reports on the East Bay Residents for Responsible Development (EBRRD) poll that evaluated the top concerns of Oakland residents. They include:

  • Some 81 percent of residents ranked the cost of rent as an extremely or very serious problem, while 78 percent believe that long-term residents of Oakland being priced out of the housing market is an extremely or very serious problem.
  • The condition of streets and roads is ranked by 76 percent of respondents as extremely or very serious, while 64 percent rank deteriorating infrastructure the same way.
  • While traditionally the biggest concern among Oakland residents, crime is considered an extremely or very serious issue by just 64 percent of the city’s population.
  • Oaklanders are deeply concerned about a lack of opportunity for local residents. Some 62 percent say that the lack of opportunity for young people is an extremely or very serious issue in the city, while 72 percent express the same concern for people coming out of the criminal justice system.
  • Some 61 percent felt that a lack of good-paying jobs for local residents is also an extremely or very serious issue, while 78 percent say the same thing about a lack of housing that middle-income families can afford.

Richard Marcantonio, managing attorney at Public Advocates, is quoted in this story saying,”This poll confirms that voters urgently want the city to take strong action to protect communities from displacement, bring down skyrocketing rents, and ensure that new development is driven by community needs rather than developer profits.”

To read the full story, click here.

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