May 9, 2022 – Public Advocates’ research and opinion was featured in an article in Higger Ed Dive about remedial education at community colleges:

“A 2020 study by the California nonprofits Public Advocates and the California Acceleration Project found that at 69 of California’s 116 community colleges, more than 20% of introductory math sections were remedial — a finding the authors said pointed to poor implementation of the 2017 law at those colleges.

Last year, Public Advocates wrote a public letter to the Los Rios Community College District, claiming the district was in violation of the 2017 law for, among other things, placing STEM majors who had not completed Algebra 2 or an equivalent into courses that wouldn’t transfer to a four-year college. The complaint called on the district to eliminate all remedial math courses, which it has now said it will do by fall of 2022.”

Read “Years after California limited remediation at community colleges, reformers want more fixes” by Lilah Burke.

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