Date: December 5, 2011

We are proud of Director of Legislative and Community Affairs Liz Guillen, an amazing colleague who received the 2011 Ally Award from Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN) on Dec. 1. Bay Area PLAN is a diverse network of parent leaders and organizations committed to achieving racial equity in public education.

Guillen has forged a close alliance with these vigilant parent advocates, who thanked her for her “inspirational leadership…helping us speak from the heart to decision makers” in Sacramento. One legislative staffer noted that “it means business” when testimony comes from Guillen, whose passion for helping low-income students of color is well-known in the halls of California’s Legislature.

Public Advocates Pillars (alumni) Angelica Jongco (PLAN Board Treasurer, pictured above on Liz’s right), Michelle Rodriguez and Pedro Hernandez, and Liz’s niece, music teacher Andrea Dowdy, joined President & CEO Jamienne S. Studley, Managing Attorney John Affeldt and Staff Attorney Tara Kini in cheering Guillen on at the awards ceremony.

“PLAN is a remarkable group,” Guillen explained. “It is especially meaningful to me to receive a vote of confidence from the courageous parents in the Bay Area at the forefront of grassroots efforts to improve our public schools.”

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