Date: July 15, 2015

My First Job:  I’ve never forgotten my experience working as a restaurant dishwasher.Do you remember your first job? Most people do. Some remember the money — even the most miniscule paycheck — accompanied by the feeling of budding independence. Whatever job it was — mowing lawns, babysitting, running the cash register at a store — some young people are inspired to go on and do great things. Others learn quickly from their experience what they don’t want to do.I’m originally from Mexico, and like many Mexican immigrants and countless other Americans my first jobs were working in restaurant kitchens. I’ll never forget those places — hot and steamy, the stainless steel, fluorescent lights, the smells of discarded food, the greasy floors and the long hours.I started as a dishwasher, working for a verbally abusive boss who yelled at us as if we were cattle …

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